Sunday, March 19, 2006

summer! summer! summer!

Isn’t it funny that you can quickly recall the first time you laid eyes on your new school? Or even the feeling of meeting up with your classmates after summer vacation? Then, in the blink of an eye, it’s all over. After answering the last item in the last exam on the last day of exam, you’re free! You could almost hear of sounds of summer calling you…a long vacation awaits you.

Then again, the next thing you’ll ask yourself is what you’ll do the summer. Bum around perhaps? Go on a diet, a diet which you have been promising yourself ever since you felt that your pants hate you? Well, my excuse is not the fact that my belly enlarged, but simply, my pants just shrunk. That aside, summer is a good two months and you can do a lot of things during that span. The vacation you have been pestering your parents to have will finally come true. The time to lounge around in your pajamas all day without worrying about anything can now be made. Sweet bliss.

Well, summer awaits me. And we’re about to go on the outing of the century tomorrow!

Just a thought, Isn’t it quite funny that come May, it’ll feel like everyday is a Sunday going on Monday? I shrug that thought as of the moment…and as of me, I’ll relish this summer. This the last summer of freedom I have before the threshold of senior year and college dawns on me…Time flies. Damn time.

My annual list of things to do this summer will once again be written. I just hope that I manage to do it all….(Hmm…lose weight perhaps?)

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