Sunday, March 19, 2006

Patapos na ang lahat...heto pa rin ako

Patapos na ang lahat….

Heto pa rin ako….

Well, I’m kind of pissed off, seeing as the summer has officially started (for me, that is…) and I’m stuck here, doing my algebra problem set for Ma’am Ruth, my evaluation of the Noli for Ma’am Carmelotes, and off course, my IC form for Bro. and aside from that, I’m quite pissed and melancholic after I read my classmates post on her blog (whose name I will disclose). It kind of brought back memories I want to stay buried. That post reminded me that day when guilt gushed through my entire existence and shame slapped me hard on the ass. But, it’s over now (?). I’m okay, and of course calm *clenches fists* *breathes* *burps*.

After all that I’ve been through, I thought it was over. But alas, the bondage I have still keeps me trapped. Two days more to go, baby.

To keep myself preoccupied, I just going to think about the outing we’re going to have tomorrow!

*ring ring* went down for a second…answers the phone….my classmate tells me the problem set is due tomorrow…goes up again…writes this in Itallic…Crap.

Don't get me wrong...trigo isn't "that" hard *emphasis on THAT*

patapos na ang lahat...heto pa rin ako....

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