Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dreary Diary

4:00 pm

Gawd. I regret going home from school during lunch. My life here, trapped in this enflated jar they call my room seems too worthless and so booorrrinnngggg. Eunice, I'm sorry for your loss. Sorry, I just had to say that. Ahh...PuffyAmiYumi looks fun today. That is the effect of being an empty shell for half a day. I just want to go on that effin' vacation I've been dreaming of.
I feel that I'm trapped in a third world country. No, I am in a third world country. No, better yet, I'm in a third world city. A city that has yet to taste the chuva of suburbia and the metropolitan Manila....or any place that has SM.
It really is quite sad, that the idea of a vacation from my neck of the woods consists of going to those lavish and "hip" malls. Shoppin' till your credit cards are maxed out. Heck, even just tasting the delicious food that the SM food courts have to offer.
On the other hand, the people living in those areas think that the perfect vacation is going to some calm serene and peaceful place like Bora, getting drunk, gratifying the booze, partying till you die, and probably lose their virginity...scratch that.
Hmmm....I'm bored, and I hate it.
I have been praying for this day to come...and I regret some parts of my prayer. Freedom is good, don't take me wrong...but too much of it is deadly. (Think: EDSA and Democracy)
Anyway, it's been the second day that I went to school only to find out that report cards will be given the next day.......and the next....and the next....and the next..............sorry ha, balik nalang kayo bukas.....bukas.....bukas........
*somebody hug me*....and give me a plane ticket outta here! please..I need to shop....and you know...waste money on my cravings for books...and DVDs

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THEkidWHOmissesTHISfatCOWrofl said...

*hugs cow... dont worry i went home at lunch too and missed the dOta session .. LoL

blame the absence of SM on those f***ng chinese tycoons.. Lol...