Thursday, April 06, 2006

The wonders of late night t.v.

My usual rounds of channel surfing were met with peculiar boredom these past few days. I just don't get it, I mean, April's just beginning and usually, boredom infects me come May. Then of course, there are just some shows on t.v. right now that makes me come back for more. Like, American Idol, and Project Runway (haha). Right now, I'm currently waiting for the next episodes of Joan of Arcadia, Mad TV, Saturday Night Live, and Myx daily...haayy....
But, one show struck me quite queer last night. After American Idol, there was a new show premiering, called Grey's Anatomy (a medical drama). Well, since I have nothing else to do, I decided to watch it and in the end, I liked it!!!
You see, right now, the idea of what to take during college is as clear as a lake infested with fish, dirt and muck. You get the idea. Well, after watching the show, the idea of taking up medicine was opened up. I think it would be "fun" and quite interesting to take up medicine. I still don't know but after watching, a window of possibilities opened up for me...Ah, the wonders of t.v.
But I am open to suggestions and give me some advice. :)
By the way, if you liked desperate housewives, or if you are a struggling med watch!


rai said...

ahh.. late night tv.. want some clarity? drink a bottle of water, lie down, mute the tv, and WATCH. you'll find that the best ideas come then. ;-)

kiSha said...

good for you gio! taking every opportunity to be productive! i envy you.. i still don't know what to do with my life and to think i'll be starting college.. n_n

twistedigest said...

well....I sure hope the dalagang Filipina will figure life's anatomy soon! Good luck in college!