Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Wishes

Ahem Ahem..permit me to explicitly show how vain i am, just this once. Why? Because I can, and I said so. So there.

So, 'tis the season to indulge in materialistic things again!!!!

I finally got a Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti ! My dad surprised me with this when he got back from Cebu. But, like always, my mom paid for it.

I finally have Havaianas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does the happy dance*

I am loved!! I am loved!! (pardon the irrational thinking, pagbigyan nalang, Xmas man.)

Kristal gave me Bob Ong during our Christmas party, Exactly what I wished for!! incidentally, Yana and I have the same gift. ^_^

She gave me a goldfish with two tails due for Kris Kringle. ^_^

My beloved seatmate Rea gave me freshly baked macaroons with raisins. Yum yum!

What I got during the party. Kudos to Robin for giving everyone an Erbie Fabian "item". lol.

they also gave me a pair of new Sketchers sneakers! (i'll post the picture later), and the X3 DVD.But, don't get me wrong, these are simply superficialities of what Christmas is about. These are not the determinants of a happy Christmas and a happy home. Luckily, I live in a very very happy home with people who love me since I'm an only child. But, in tune with the yuletide season, my incessant need for clothes and shoes must be upheld. I'm vain, live with it. ^_^

btw, i'm not sure if this is their indirect way of saying "Stay here in Zambo for college and we'll give you what you want". Or they just really love me. Haha, maybe both. I'm not sure. But I really love them no matter what.


kisha! said...

i lurve your havaianas!! super cute!!

i want the goldfish though!

tara said...

hmmm.. nice..

twistedigest said...

kisha>>>> you can't have it though! haha. nasa grotto na namin eh. it doesn't show itself that often nga.


**you want a goldfish?? ^_^

twistedigest said...

tara>> hehe. glad you think so. thanks for dropping by tar. :)

Tara said...

anytime.. nagupdate n pla ako :)

kisha said...

i have a fugly german shepherd! haha! i don't like him at all! i'm planning to donate him to the army!

a gold fish is so hassle free..

twistedigest said...

donate him nalang to charity..or anyone who has the heart to go beyond fugliness (read: a very very lonely person).

the army's no place for dogs. hahaha. basta...maybe he has some use as a sausage, or in a siopao. we come!!!!!! **do they even serve dogs there??**

mishu!! happy new year dear. :)

twistedigest said...

oo nga pala-- they use german shepherds in the army. oh well, i still say may pakinabang pa siya as a siopao. hahaha. peace kish!