Sunday, December 31, 2006


Before anything else, an observation: it's become a formula currently making "waves" in the movie industry, wherein, producers capitalize on the movie centering on the good guy - turned - bad guy thingy, and personally, i like watching movies where most of the supporting characters die or are killed of by the good guy - turned - bad guy. We've seen tons of movies that explore this aspect of the plot. Characters from these movies include Jean Grey, Anakin Skywalker, Grey.....poop. So much for that.

WOoT woOT wOot WOot!!!!

In a few minutes, the new year will dawn on civilization (on my side of the world that is), consider this the ice cream and cake to the gastronomic delight that is 2006. ^_^


Why did i change my blog name? thetwistedigest seems a bit long for me, probably too long for that matter. And my blog isn't exactly a digest, is it? twstdd sounds more "chic". lol. Well, what's in a name after all?

To the blogmate/s that ...

were/was . I've removed you from my list because: a. i tried to open your blog, and the sight of fornication greeted me. b. you NEVER EVER EVER NEVER linked me (the brat that i am). c. the blog became a nonexistent link. So, there. No, i know you didn't intend for the blog to be replaced with a porn link (what the hell was that about anyway?; it happened to like two of my blogmates), so, i don't blame you. :)

are. I couldn't deny the fact that i haven't been that good of a blogmate. I rarely visited you in the past, so consider 2007 a time for me to get to know you guys better. To the few who have been a regular stop for me, i won't stop being a regular reader. :)

will be. then you'll fall under the "are", and will recieve the same treatment. provided you will not satisfy the criteria that classifies you as "were" or "was".

To 2006. what a ride!!! Now that the year is over, which means all things will just be remembered in retrospect, God has been really great (when was He/She not great?) and to sum it all up, well..words can't really express it all. ^_^.

to 2007 and...
the countdown to "Deathly Hallows": I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
graduation: the inevitable looms, and i can't stop it.
the prospect of a smaller waistline and over-all

weight loss:
it has to happen. soon. even if i have to puke (joke!) or not eat(hmm....)..or puke. hahaha

college: look at it this least i have an excuse to shop all over again. ^_^
the "mystery" of what will be in the next couple of days, weeks, months: embrace it.


eMBracE iT. ^_^


tara said...

:D... im speechless... love the slideshow!

pasend ng kinemap6 photos :D

twistedigest said...

thanks. haha. inspired my the holiday slideshow you made. hehe.

>>>sure..remind me lang. hihihihi

twistedigest said...

sorry...change "my" to "by"

lyza said...

happy new year!

Tara said...

ooh .. hehe.. see u bukas :D

kisha said...


don't worry dearest weight loss will come when college arrives! haha!

i love star wars now and i'm dying waiting for the next harry potter book! T_T

don't splurge on one trip! haha! you'll feel bad when new pieces come.. learn from my mistakes young one! n_n

cheers to us and to 2006! mishu!