Monday, December 25, 2006

a Holiday toast

Merry Christmas guys. Haha. It feels good to have a blog, well, to blog the euphoria you have during the holidays. I've been itching to write something beyond simple updates + pictures, you know, like the "human interest stories - slash - essays.. blah blah".

So, since we're drunk with jingle bells and Novellino, for the occasion, consider this my toast to the holidays..^_^

Every year, the place that i've called home since timely memorial has always been abuzz with yuletide activity. My Grandmother would prance around upholding how Chinese she is, wrapping Christmas gifts for her franchise dealers, piling up gifts (enough to make a makeshift fort). We would decorate the walls with trimmings et. al. Come Christmas day, people would flock to our house, eat, be merry, ask money, you know, that kind of stuff. A typical Christmas in a typical family.

When i was a little boy, i would position myself under the Christmas tree (i was tiny back in the day), and look for gifts addressed to me. I was obsessed with toys, toys and lots of toys. So i would bitch for more toys, and extort the love that my parents and my grandfather had for me. Haha. that kind of love meant the strength to get money from their wallets. my grandmother ressited my childish charm. The cycle went on every year, until two major things happened that "changed my life". We didn't put up a Christmas tree anymore. Then, my desire for X-Men and power rangers went away. Basically, I grew up. ^_^.

So, from that point on, I didn't believe in the Christmas tree anymore (I stopped believing in Santa earlier on). I didn't expect anything during the holidays, and whatever monetary gift they would give me, would go straight to my bank account. Then, there came the desire that i shared with most people my age: clothes and gadgets. ^_^

This started around the time when my parents bought me the first digicam (IXUS750), an ipod nano, and I went shopping on my own in Cebu, to buy what else? clothes. *refer to the previous post for some other things*. So, another typical Christmas filled with gifts. The kind of Christmas I liked. ^_^

But what made this yuletide season different? Simple. After 15 years, i finally gave them their first Christmas gift. Personalized plates and mugs. They were happy, and so was I. Giving feels good. It makes people happy. ^_^

So, the point of the post? Nothing much...maybe i share this sentiment with a lot of people out there when i say that I love my family, and they deserve to be happy this Christmas season. For once, that the happiness came from the reciever of the gifts, which, after a lot of years of taking and taking, finally did some giving.

Merry Christmas!


Tara said...

hmmm. sweet!

like that golden bell ad in killerbee goes:
nothing beats the joy in giving especially at christmas..

right? hehe.. namemorize ko na.. haha..

alala ko pa nung nasa giordano kame nina neth.. sabi pa ni riez.. "ako pag me trabaho na ako bibili ng gifts para sa parents ko.. kasi galing rin naman sa kanila yung pera ipinangbili ko ngaun.." tapos sabi ko pa.. "di naman un sa pera.. its the thought that counts" hehe

wala lng


twistedigest said...

yeah...kahit ano, basta pinag-isipan mo, that's good enough. parang yung ad ng healthy options ("the joy of giving") na pinaraphrase lang. wehehe

the money that my mom gave me to buy the gift for ivy was partly for the gift for them. ^_^

Tara said...


kisha said...



i didn't get anyone anything... i feel like scrooge.. T_T

Bryan Anthony the First said...

basta merry christmas


twistedigest said...

kish>>>not even paulo? hahaha. joke.

but u have the money to buy ryt? if u don't, then justifiable lang yun. hehe.

merry new year!!!!

twistedigest said...

bryan>> same to you!!!