Friday, March 02, 2007

"Look at us now..."

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March 2006

There i was, sitting at the back row, in the good ol' la pu campus, with eunice and camille. I watched two seniors pass by our room (specifically, Mitch and Juzzy, my debate mentor :D), and someone said, "hala, exams na pala nila". Oh yeah, the seniors always take the 4th quarter periodical exams like a week earlier than the undergrads. I texted Juzzy, and Princess, my prom partner, "good luck sa exams!!!". Basically, i was indifferent to what they were doing at that time. So, it didn't really mean much to me.

Flash forward>>>>

March 2007

There i was, sitting at the backrow. As luck would have it, Camille was my seatmate. The constant reminder that we only have a few academic days left somehow made me question how effective time is to render us slaves to the sunsets and ticking clocks. Haha, time, the big fat bitch.

Today was our last formal school day, since we're gonna have our last exams on Monday. I was sleepy the whole time, since i just spent my Thursday evening watching Antonella barba suck in AI. But nevertheless, i tried to make this day a moment to remember. So yeah, we had the usual picture taking and the karaoke session at Lola's, since Jap topped the WMSUCET.

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I still remember Keeshia telling me that time flies unbelievably fast during the 4th year. True enough, I could still remember climbing the main entrance staircase for the first time. I can't believe i'm going to have to take my last few steps on the same staircase in a few days time. I keep thinking it's goodbye. I never thought it would end so soon. The class that i've spent most of my high school life has changed me in so many ways than i could imagine. It's painful to think that in a few months time, we couldn't call ourselves classmates anymore.

I'm going to miss everything about them, the early morning kopyahan sessions, to the camwhoring, to the "drama"...haha...*sob*. the last hugs, the last camwhore sessions, the last caf visits, the last class with Erwin M. (haha...and the last class with "Coach" Erwin P., REJOICE!!!!)

What's more is that i'm going to graduate in a few weeks time, and i'll be on my way to college. And quoting the red head (sorry, forgot the name, :D) from One Tree Hill, "I going to have to start all over again".

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Crystal Eunice said...

Yow Gio!hehe...

Grabe, nakaiiyak naman ang entry mo. You know what, i feel the same thing. Kagabi ang saya dun sa concert. Then nung pauwi na ako. I felt a certain kind of pain in my heart as i saw my companions leaving for home. I asked myself, "Will this be the last concert ever that i am going to share with these people?"

Berchmans has touched my life too so much. Masakit isipin na mawawala na kayo sakin. I mean un hindi na tulad ng dati. But life has to go on. What rejoices my heart is the thought that when the new world of college comes and in the far future. I have happy memories to look back to and i have a family full of love and happiness.

Nothing compares to my Berchmans family. I love you Gi and i always will! Thank you for touching my life. Wish you all the best! Let's enjoy the remaining days ah?hehe...hmwahh...

twistedigest said...


grabe ang haba ng comment, pero i really appreciate it!!!

thanks rin for being part of the best moment of my life, being part of the berchmans class. i'll miss all of you!!!!!! *hug*

tara said...

:(( ... nakakaiyak naman ... :(( di ko alam anong sabihin..

basta berx taught me so much.. so much!!!

twistedigest said...


it's sad to say goodbye kasi. nakakaiyak pala entry ko? :D

taralovesyou said...

yeah :(

twistedigest said...


LiLaC said...

grabe gagraduate ka na. pretty soon college guy ka na. time flies nga! just enjoy the rest of your hiskul days with your buddies and be sure to keep in touch parin even after grad.

twistedigest said...

ate heidz: haha, oo nga eh. yeah, we're really close, kaya it'll really be painful, but it's the inevitable thing that we all have to face. :)

kishy said...

awww.. =') it's good rin naman siguro.. at the end, you'll all still be friends..

ezra said...

i would probably feel the same way same time next year. i mean, high school IS high school. this is the four years in your life where you feel confused the most. the time when your classmates are the only people who understand you, where you feel that school is more of home than your roomy bedroom. :(

time flies fast, and before you know it, tapos na pala ang HAPPY DAYS mo. yung mga kalokohan na ginawa mo nung high school, pagtatawanan mo nalang 10 years later. and then you'll realize, "buti nalang hindi ako nag-aral nang mabuti nung high school. YEAH!" hehe. :)

good luck kuya g. i hope the future is going to be bright for you. :D

twistedigest said...

@ kisha: yeah...the beauty of separation...hehe

twistedigest said...

@ ezra: yun nga din ang sinabi sa amin....after 10 years, it won't matter how many failing grades you have, because what will matter was how you've become a friend to your classmates. :) thanks.