Tuesday, March 13, 2007

rest in peace

a puddle of tears is equivalent to all the things i need to let go off

the hopes. the excitement. the diaspora....

the dream. its death. i mourn, but i wont look back. i'll try. it's a process.

the way of pain, i must walk towards. the process of being sober again. free from all the things that intoxicate me with bliss. dreaming is addictive. too much of it leaves the user in a momentary state of "high". i need to be sober. it must be like chemo, painful. but

it needs to be done.


a process that usually ends up in a puddle of tears.

it's the equivalent of all the things i need to let go off.

a puddle of tears.


Tara said...

ang lalim.. i think i understood what this was all about ,,, *i hope.. >:D<

twistedigest said...

maybe u did. alam mo ata. :)

Lyza said...


yun lang. ^o^

kishy said...

awwww.. i still feel this way.. ='(