Saturday, December 22, 2007

a christmas carol (couldnt think of a decent title)

so this is the first christmas that i would actually take gift giving to the next level. pfftt...whatever that means. well, what it just means that i would give gifts not because of obligation but by some select people who made my first year of college special (and that just translates to either having lunch together on a daily basis, or the fact that they're my classmates, or both.)

but i enjoyed the idea of going the extra mile to think about what you're gonna give to your friends. and the idea of christmas shopping with your friends makes it even more palpable.

so, yana, camille and neth-chan arrived yesterday, and that would just make my christmas special.

i'm also looking forward to the BerXmas party tomorrow at MJ's house. a mini reunion with the Berx this christmas gives new meaning christmas carols that i couldn't think of right now. haha.

i kinda ended the school year 2007 wth a few bruises, courtesy of chemistry and zoology (curse you, fish juice), and i'm seriously sure that the moment we come back from the holidays, all hell will break loose, and things will definitely take a turn for the worse.

but for now,

we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas.....and a haaaappppyyyy neeewwwww yeeeaaarrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

presents presents presents!


Tara said...

WaAaAaAaAAaAaaaA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 gsto ko n umyak!!!!!!!!!11 T.T :((

twistedigest said...