Sunday, January 04, 2009

pancake and pasta sunday

i woke all nauseated and cranky. my mom just had to wake me up for mass...not that i'm complaining right now, it's just that i really really really don't want my sleep to be disturbed. especially on a sunday,

anyway, i'm not going to whine about that.

so after the 8:30 mass, the family went to have their usual brunch at jollibee. after a really long time and an obscenely gluttonous holiday, i found myself not in the mood to eat anything greasy. it usually follows that i have the urge to puke when i think about corned beef and french fries (they are really oily naman). so i asked my mom to order pancakes and i give her one of the two fritters. i don't eat them slaughed in batter in syrup and grossly enough, infront of me, my mom practically bathes the pancake in butter and syrup. haha

an hour ago, i finished making my third attempt at a pasta dish. the last two had sauces, while this one only had olive oil and seasoning. i was happy at how it turned out!
i used a pack of San Remo fettucine noodles, squid and sliced black olives. for the seasoning, i added 1 pack of McCormick Garlic and Herb sauce, paprika and dried thyme. everything was to taste. and i generously added extra virgin olive oil and i think it really brought the flavor of the squid out. though i wish i could have just used less of the McCormick stuff and more from our spice rack, my mom said it turned out just fine.

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Tara said...

chef ka na pala ngayon ah. kakagutom naman ng pic. haha