Thursday, January 15, 2009


there are a few reasons why i don't want to tell me friends my problems right about now:

1. they can't give me money to change schools. yes, this is yet again, another school related issue. it has something to do with the verb "shift" and the sound "ting".

2. they'll only give me the advice i gave them. yes, i have got to hand it to myself...i can be such a hypocrite. i give good advice, or should i say, advice that sounds well-phrased, practical, and thought of. but when it comes to my problems, whooooooshhhh and splaaattt!

3. they won't understand why i'm all dramatic about this. they would say their problems are worse than mine.

4. possible trite answers. i owe my friends a lot, but sometimes, "kaya mo yan" just doesn't cut it. as much as possible, i try to avoid saying "kaya mo yan" or something similar because that phrase just just just just doesn't work.

so i seriously won't appreciate anything remotely similar to the things i mentioned above. i'm frustrated. the midterms are a few days away and i haven't studied yet. i told myself i would study but instead i'm making an entry about how i don't want to study. i snapped just a few minutes ago. i can't take this crap anymore.

so much to do, so many things to memorize, and a med school teacher from the deepest, rat infested bowels of hell make my semester one big piece of dung.

screw "sayang", "you're doing so well", "this is just a phase", "you'll get through" and "tapusin mo nalang". i may not have the balls to scream that out loud, but give a few days or two and i might just do so. i don't like who i'm becoming.

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