Thursday, January 01, 2009

ZEN for 2009

i know i said this over and over and over again that i want a clean slate. i've been invoking the "clean slate" mantra so much over the past year that it should be included in Lake Superior University's list of banned words. so what i'm trying to do right now - something that i've never really understood last year - is to take myself seriously. i've realized that i may have big ambitions as well as attainable goals, but i never rise above everything because i can't focus, since there's so much going on in my head. so i'm going down the offbeat path to more familiar (hopefully friendlier) words in my vocabulary: acceptance, gratefulness and inner-peace.

yes Virginia, it may sound cheesy, but i'm beginning to feel good about 2009. that's not to say that this is my year...well, yeah! i want it to be my year! hahaha... i feel good about it because i know this would be the perfect time to detox and achieve the three big words mentioned. there's no plan B here! i'm going all zen and i'm not stopping!

these aren't really resolutions, but target goals (which makes the situation friendlier) . i've divided them according to aspect so at least i'll be doing myself a favor and be organized for once. :) see? i am going all zen!!!!

commit to exercise routines
eat healthier
so i'm thinking of getting stuff off yahoo food. haha

commit to a more effective study schedule probably an hour of rest after i get home, then study. and on weekends, i have to seriously devote time to study - i haven't done this yet! haha
finish "Love in the time of cholera" by may. hahaha

stick to a weekly budget - 100php a day!!! i'm serious!

find more things to be grateful for
find more things to laugh about
calm down and keep the anxiety to a minimum
those who really know me knoe what i'm talking about
stop regretting - regrets are mistakes you don't learn from!


giselle said...

i seriously need to take a bath too. XD

belated happy new year, kuya g! :D

giselle said...

whoops. i commented on the wrong entry. HAHA. my bad.