Thursday, January 08, 2009

therapy - not!

being oblivious to my every emotion, problem, feeling is their way of being therapeutic. i was down on the floor and they didn't ask me if i'm ok, they told me to get up. fucking wrong answer.

well fuck them,

i hate them right about now. i hate them. i hate them. i hate them. i hate them. i hate them. they should die.

i'm sorry, this isn't really a post. since i obviously have no one to talk to around here, i'm venting.


Tara said...

aw :( hugg

beipam said... hopping! link exchange?

vicky said...

Hey Gio :) Hang in there.

the blogger said...

vicky if you're reading this: how can we get in touch???? you have a blog pa? gimme the url!!!

vicky said...

'sup Gio "the blogger". Nyahahahah!

I haven't blogged for a loooooong (true to my name, LOL) while though. Also, my old multiply account has been cancelled. ^-^;

I'll make a new one and be sure to add you. :3