Thursday, October 15, 2009

back to basics

i can't really blog a novel about how I ended up with a Nokia 5130 right now but here's the lowdown:

-2 days ago my Sony Ericsson C902 suddenly went berzerk and bailed on me. It began restarting and vibrating and the LCD showed no sign of life.

- (12noon the following day) so, I went to the shop where I bought the phone...

- and argued with the Customer Service rep as to why i should be the one to photocopy the warranty card when it's within their scope to provide us with..well..customer service! Plus they told me that I had to wait one month until I get my phone back kasi they're going to send it to Manila to have it fixed. One month without a decent phone? Hell no! And so.....

- (6pm the same day) I bought the 5130 for around 5k. And surprise surprise I actually like it! It's really cheap and the features are enough to satisfy the normal texter who doesn't care for the frills of 3G and all that. Plus the acoustics are so much better than my old phone!

- If and when my old phone shows up again, I'll have to part ways with this one and I'll give the nokia to my mom, who for some reason, needs to part with her old phone because it's one of those phones that first had the colored lcd/mms feature and truth be told, its time has come.

- so until then, i'll have to enjoy the perks of being a nokia person again. and I actually missed being one.


princessngaako said...

i love Nokia!

Tara said...

thats just 5k? thats a pretty neat phone for 5k :)