Monday, January 17, 2011

Craving for Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo chicken 
Why am I craving for buffalo chicken right now? This isn't right. I'm supposed to be studying and yet here I am thinking about dipping the crispy spicy-sour skin in some equally tangy cheese sauce. The first time I tasted "real" buffalo wings was when I visited my friend Camille in Manila and we ate at Yellow Cab. They were so great I completely threw the "all the artificial genetic enhancers go to the wings so it's bad for you" crap down the balcony, since we ate at the second floor (the view of Eastwood was great).

What I have above is kind of a crappy knock-off courtesy of Greenwich. They're called "Buffalo Wing-man" - which is a pretty cute title. They don't taste as spicy as I wanted it to be and for four pieces, you have to pay 100+ pesos, which by my standards, is hefty.

I'll look for a good recipe for buffalo chicken and I'll move mountains just so I can cook after my midterms are over! But for know, I need to read on the separation of the Church and State, which is totally in my top ten of "The most interesting topics I need to read before I die" list.

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