Friday, May 28, 2010

The end (of AI)

I'm not really as excited as I hoped to be when the AI finale rolled in - maybe because I'm not really excited with the top 2. Actually, the last time I intensely championed for my bet was around two years ago...when it was David Cook (my bet) vs David Archuleta. And I kind of get it now. During AI 5, I expected Chris Daughtry to take the prize, and well, America voted him off. So when it was Cook's time I was happy that finally a rocker won American Idol. Flash forward to two years later...another commercial guitar playing dude won - Lee Dewyze. This season could have seen the second coming of Alanis Morissette in Crystal Bowersox. But it was obviously the third coming of the rocker.

Speaking of which, it was way freaky when they had a duet! They sounded so alike! Hmmm..maybe the comparison to Alanis isn't exactly a good thing. Anyway, America has its reasons for liking Lee Dewyze more. Reasons which I'm trying to, and probably understand now.

It was pretty obvious that Crystal was the early front runner during the semi-finals and the first few weeks of the finals. She cranked up great versions of "You can't always get what you want", "Me and Bobby McGee", "People get ready" and "Long as I see the light". Essentially these were the songs I really remember. These are great songs, and I actually had her pinned on the Folk genre simply because she just gives off more of the Indie spirit than teenage wasteland. In the same way that America chose Kris Allen over Adam Lambert, they chose yet another safe, semi-conservative choice with Lee.

But I have my own reasons for wanting Lee to win. Lee obviously has its own merits - both in performing and being relatable. I really didn't think much of him during those times when I waited for another Bowersox performance. But when he overcame his shyness, I finally looked at him as THE one to beat. "Treat her like a lady" was my all-time favorite song of his. But what made him endearing is obviously his whole "transformation story" from being a paint salesman (which the producers just LOVE to remind us of) to being on American Idol. The judges said it themselves when they told Lee that he's the kind of person the show was designed for - somebody who needed a break. I'll be honest though, I think Crystal didn't relate as much to America when she sang her finale song, the title of which I can't remember right now...Lee, although kind of generic, probably won commercial America more with his upbeat tune.

Now it can be said that American Idol the Icon is gone - with Simon and Paula taking it with them. Paula was obviously right when she said the show will go on...but I'm not sure if it's still the show I grew to love for seven years now.

Oh well, for Lee, "it's a beautiful day" indeed, and don't worry, I'll probably download his album off isohunt, and probably Crystal's too. I just wish next year will be about another genre of music - like RnB or Folk. I hope America has had it up to here (pointing to my head 5 feet and 9 1/2 inches off the ground) with pop rock.

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