Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sweat and sausages

I'm getting into the habit of jogging really well. My dad and I have been circling Pasonance a couple times this summer, and today marks the first time that my lower body strength helped me endure jogging non-stop around the "oval" - from the gates of the butterfly garden, around the water district and the pools and ending at the same gates. was raining so I couldn't take pictures. When we got home though, there was still some brown rice left over from yesterday, and my aunt cooked Vigan sausages that my mom brought home. It. was. amazing. I got my Panasonic lumix GF1 and took some pictures.



I have to work on my macro shots though. I'm not sure if the camera can't take good macro, or I'm just good enough. I hope it's the former. haha

I still haven't read the whole manual so I'm not sure what else this baby could do, but so far, I'm amazed at the results and it photographs like a dream...and a dslr.

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