Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crunches aren't effective???

I just had to post this video because I would like to think of this as a sign - today, I watched two fitness trainers say the exact same thing about Core workout vs. "Abs" workout. The first one was on E!News this morning, when a celebrity fitness trainer talked about a star's secrets to having a toned bod. And this is the second one:

I was even thinking of buying my nth exercise equipment from a friend (as advertised on the Home Shopping Network), but I thought maybe I could give this 30 day "routine" a try. Hmmmm...i just hope I won't get bored/uninspired easily. Just looking at my big gut in the mirror makes me want to jump onto that road and jog like there's no tomorrow. But I don't know, somewhere along the way, I get distracted and eventually wean from my "habit". Geez, I need somebody to whack me on the butt.

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