Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gearing up for the AI finale

Ok so screw my pent-up feelings of sadness and self-pity and make way for the American Idol finale! wohooo! Brownouts made it hard for me to catch a decent episode of last week's performance night, and I only got to watch Lee and Crystal's performances on youtube just now.

Here's my take on this: Even if i'm rooting for Crystal, Lee's performance of "Hallelujah" was amazing, and if last week was the finale, this song would've been his acceptance speech

But I'm really not counting Crystal out of the game as of the moment. Since a lot can happen tomorrow, I'm expecting her to bring out the big guns and sever America's jugular tomorrow.
So the bottomline is...itwon't be an Archuleta - Cook, or even an Allen - Lambert competition, since Lee and Crystal are cut from the same indie - guitar singer cloth. Either way, excitement isn't really bubbling. But it's still THERE!

I'll definitely be waiting for Lee and Crystal to make the moment count and impress, ahem, me. I hope the electric company would cooperate!

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