Monday, June 14, 2010

My golden day

I'm writing my last entry for the summer. And freakishly enough this sounds like THE LAST entry I'm ever going to do, but no...I know I'll fill this blog with whatever rant, rave and photograph that will mark something special in my last year of college.

My last year of college.


10 years ago, if you would tell me I would make it through college intact, I would laugh and tell you it's going to be a long time until that happens..or probably I think I might die during that 10 year period thus I wouldn't make it this long.

But I made it. Bruised, injured, tired...but intact and alive. I could go on and on about how I still remember my first few days in the Ateneo high school, or my JS Prom, HS graduation, and my first day of college but I think I will need more inspiration for me to come up with a more cohesive entry. Honestly I just want to blog about how the optimism is so palpable right now.

I'm more excited than any other feeling. I'm excited because I know my days in the Ateneo college are almost over. And i'm not underscoring it...blink for a second and you're in college. Blink again and you're graduating college. That's how I feel right now.

Excited as I am for my senior year, the anxiety of what happens afterward is palpable as well. I still have no clear idea of what I want to do after I graduate. I'm pressured as it is to come up with a plan, because I don't want to be the person without one. I made that mistake in high school, I won't make that mistake again.

But like Harry still having a golden day of peace to enjoy with Ron and Hermione (the end of book 6), I'm reveling in the sweetness of the moment right now. Days like these are hard to come by once every thing falls into place. But times like these make me secretly wish that the universe would conspire and make this year, MY year.

I don't need to fill this entry with mantras (though I've been collecting them for my consumption), so I'll just end with my own promise that I won't go down without a fight, because my Personal Legend awaits.

and yes, I've been reading Coelho.

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