Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Harry's conclusion

I'm having goosebumps all over! I can't wait for the second part and it frustrates/excites me that July 2011 will also be the month i'll take my board exam. I just hope the movie will come after the exam...so at least i have something to celebrate. haha. After 10-ish years, Harry Potter is still at the top of my favorites list.


Dwayne said...

Three things:

1. Only two people spoke in this trailer.
2. Ralph Fiennes yelling 'Avada Kedavra' is so epic.
3. Ralph Fiennes saying 'Only I can live forever' is just orgasmic.

Love it! I can't wait to go to the premiere again! Sama ka? :D Love you!

G said...

you think that was orgasmic? hahaha. epic.