Friday, August 20, 2010

Color it friday

I've been away from the confines of my blog for a while now, and I think this is probably the best time I could blog again because: 1. my midterms are over and 2. i have more pictures worth posting!

On the midterms:
Well, you win some you lose some. I think I did well in some subjects but I'm not sure I could say the same for some, especially Nursing Care Management and Philosophy. Thank God the grade I would get for NCM would be a cumulative grade from three areas (Community health, Psychiatric and Med-Surg Intensive). So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, since MS Intensive is one big bitch that refuses to die. As for Philosophy, we haven't really gotten along well in the past few weeks. I'm not even sure why I keep on missing the mark. I haven't really warmed up to bioethics since it almost always boils down to me underanalyzing the situation. In a cosmic sort of way it sounds funny that in an essay I made before the midterms, I decided to kill the baby and I was wrong, and during the midterms I said that the baby must be saved and I was still wrong. The cases were different though and I'm just saying it's amusing to think that Utulitarianism is EVUULLL.

Anyway, now that the exams are over with I could focus on more pressing matters like SLEEP, SLEEP and more SLEEP. This morning I brought my camera to school so we could at least have some fun after the carnage.

But I only took a few shots since the boy scout in me didn't charge battery # 1, and the genius in me brought battery # 2 without even bothering to check if it still had any juice left.

It's pretty obvious what the color of the day was.

Oh, and I kind of arrived at the realization that Face Detection actually serves a purpose (cue fake audience laugh). You see, it was a pet-peeve for me to see some blurry faces (with some focused faces) in the group shots that I took before. But I realized that I just had the wrong setting, in the same way I never realized I could actually use macro to shoot stuff like food. I fail.


Oh, I've been meaning to post this for a while now but I keep on forgetting...


This is the structure that would become our home in the next couple of months or so. It's not much but it's home. And i'm pretty stoked about moving! (well, this one's just beside our current house but still!)

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