Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moving on with Toy Story

I promised myself I would watch Toy Story 3 after the midterms and right now my nose is still dripping from the tears. Yeah, I'm a softy, and the reviews were right when they said it could make a grown man cry.

Anyway, I'm not going to give too much away for those who haven't watched it yet. Wait, how many people follow this blog anyway?? Whatever! haha

It's been years since the last Toy Story movie, and what better way to emphasize a time lapse than to set the scene years later when Andy (the toy's owner) is 17 and college-bound. True to form, the happy times with the toys are long gone as Andy, well, grew up and what's left of the band of toys was stashed away in a chest. Play time's a thing of the past. Things take an unexpected turn when Andy decides to only take Woody with him to college, and the rest of the gang are put in a trash bag and attic-bound.

Long story short, they didn't go to the attic and they landed in a daycare center run by an evil strawberry scented plush toy, then they escaped and almost got incinerated at the local dump site, then they made their way to Andy once again. They (except for Woody) thought that Andy didn't want them and thanks to Mrs. Potato head's other eye, they were able to know the truth. I wonder if you even understood what i wrote..haha

But the real tear-jerker was during the last 20 minutes of the movie...when the toys, except for Woody, were about to be brought to the attic. The goodbyes and "last wills" of the toys were bittersweet. Especially when Rex (the dinosaur) told Woody to "take care of Andy, he's a nice kid".

But lo and behold, Woody intervened by writing on a sticky note (who knew he could write? haha. the point is I think he wanted Andy to donate them) and now we see Andy on the road and stopping by a family friend's house to give the toys to a little girl named Bonnie. He gave them one by one and was surprised to see Woody at the bottom of the box. It was a tense moment when Andy was torn between giving him away and taking him to college. Finally, Andy decided to give Woody away as well, probably knowing that he's in good hands, and it was time to part ways. It was a pretty heavy moment (for me that is. haha) because of the whole mood of finality. Goodbyes always make me sad and I couldn't help but cry at the thought of Andy and the toys parting ways and moving on. But the chapters keep on coming, so at the end of one chapter is always the beginning of a next one for the toys' story.

Well, the movie actually puts things in perspective: toys are way way way better off in the hands of somebody who wants them not as dust collectors but for them to be played. And when they've fulfilled their purpose and they've been outgrown, then it's time for them to move on as well.

Too bad it's too late for my toys, but probably when I have kids of my own, I'll make them watch the movie. I just hope they'll understand it though. haha

Two thumbs up for Pixar and Disney!


Dee said...

haven't seen this yet. you make me want to. kaso lang tamad ako magbuffer. ahaha.

G said...

wait for the dvdrip nalang and download it off isohunt. the one i downloaded was around 2gb and di sya dvdrip kaya ganun. but the vid and audio were good naman. but mas maganda if dvd rip and it consumes less space pa sa hard drive. :)