Sunday, July 22, 2007

the haiku continuum

i can't focus...

haiku for my teacher (my sanity's going downhill from here)

i hate my teacher
she is a frigid biatch
she looks like yoda

haiku for my teacher 2

ma'am arevalo
my classmates do not like you
ma'am arevalo

the crazy bunny haiku

the crazy bunny
got a loaded gun and fired
my teacher is dead

the penguin haiku

i want a penguin
it walks funny and it's cute
penguin, penguin, sob

cha-cha haiku

let us dance all night
let the hot breeze caress us
until the dawn comes

these haikus are a reflection of my santy right now.

don't pity me.

help me.

no better yet

let's watch transformers. :)

1 comment:

ezra said...

Klaro nga na wala kang magawa. :] Kawawa naman yung mga teachers. Nagawan pa ng haiku. Hehe. :P