Sunday, July 08, 2007

what i'm doing right now as opposed to what i should be doing right now.

to continue with my update:

it's my first post using my laptop (scream!), nothing new about it. haha. now i don't have to be burdened with usb's or anything. god bless you, bluetooth.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

yani, mille, these were the pictures i was supposed to send you. too bad di niyo nareceive. oh well, at least andito. :)

shot on location at the 'unnamed' carinderia just across the street from the backfield gate.

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tumaba si jam o hindi?. haha. peace jam! location: vanda

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milo fun run .di kami tumakbo ni jam kasi ayaw namin. actually, mandated kami na tumakbo, pero tamang-tama, naubusan sila ng application forms. so we were saved from paying a hundred bucks. hahahahaha. these poor, unlucky souls though, were not spared. a moment of silence please. lol

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lipton is <3.>CEM exam. hihi.
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the bitch and the bat. haha. seriously, nagmatch pa kami ni tony that day. batman shirt din sa kanya, kaso black. haha. why does everybodlove batman? haha

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kristal, posing by the wall. no wait, si marko pala yun. fierce marko. fierce.

ok, so i have a lot of things to tell you guys when we get in touch soon. hehe. so far, ito nalang muna since one of you (ehemtaraehem), told me the post before this one was too bitin. hehe

i have confused priorities. seriously, i have to be studying CHD matter worth 5-6 pages of pure verbatim. and familiarize myself with the different lab equipment to boot. all of which i haven't done yet. and it's already 8pm. me dead.


Anonymous said...

Gio, daya!!!!! you lost weight! Hahaha! seriously, the look suits you. Ur wearing contacts na? congratulations bout the beacon and adu nga pala. kickass (you know whose)! i miss you na =(

shiveena said...

oh, wait, i forgot to identify myself! nyahaha! it's shiveena, btw.

twistedigest said...'s so nice to hear from you!!!!! god, the uniform they're making us wear (yes, the boys wear uniforms na), kinda brings me back to my old 'hs' seriously makes me wider. grrr..haha..thanks..wait, has ads called you to join them na????

tara said...


hehe. the more i visit your blog the more it makes me wanna go home. T.T

Hmmm. keep posting :D hehe

twistedigest said...

then go home already. toink, wag muna..sembreak nalang tar. haha. malapit naman sem break right?haha

shiveena said...

called me??? i tried out (and passed, thank god!)!hahaha! whaaaaaat? why do you have a uniform na? dba the guys don't have a uniform?