Wednesday, July 11, 2007

pebbles, sad clowns, and sweat.

i'm such a bad person right now...imagine being swamped by schoolwork...and all you do, is deviate and make..


haiku uno.

this paved pebble path
brings me back to good times shared
yet never again

haiku dos.

the sad crying clown
stares at the moon with sheer awe
on a somber night

haiku tres

the activists sway
dancing under the hot sun
how sweaty they are

holy lord. what's wrong with me?


tara said...

you alright?

mejo kakaiba dating ng mga haikus ah.

twistedigest said...

hmm..y..what's wrong with them? out of sheer boredome ko lang yan ginawa..i'm not mentally ill in a least i think i am. haha. btw, i find drawing morbid cartoons during FFP very relaxing. haha

shiveena said...

i wike the haikush! they'we angshty and kinda emo; but they'we angshty and emo in a good way- i wike them... jusht don't swash youw wishtsh, okay? take cawe, hio.

twistedigest said...

downt wowi shivws, i hawent swashed them yet. teehee

tara said...

lol. ok. pero hmmm... haha