Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas nightcap

Today's Christmas celebration over lunch was, to put it mildly, "like a fiesta". And like fiestas in the Torres household, there were lots of people we didn't know. But that's ok since Christmas comes just once a year so it's not all the time that we don't have any leftovers. :)

I actually slept for the most part of the late afternoon, and I woke up like hour ago. I guess my family wasn't really hungry since they didn't have dinner. A feast sobers you up like that. haha. So I pulled out the Chamdor from the fridge and opened a box of walnut bars from Myrna's for my nightcap.


I'm guessing the one on the right had more alcohol than the one on the left. The bars really packed a punch with the rich taste of butter mixed with nuts and raisins, like Food for the Gods, only more fruity. Chamdor wasn't an alcoholic drink so it wasn't really heavy on the palate. It even complimented the strong taste of the bars. Note to self though, one bar is good, two is heavy as it is and three is just too much!!!

My parents liked my gift from Gallery7. Camille (the one who helped me with the ordering since the store was in Eastwood, near AdMU where she's studying) brought it yesterday with her mom. She didn't even plan on staying long but her mom wanted to talk to my mom so they ended up leaving an hour and a half (?) later. Both of them were in on the plan on keeping my gift a surprise so they told my mom that they were visiting somebody nearby. My mom didn't even suspect! And yeah, they were surprised to find a big package waiting for them under the tree on Christmas morning.

Christmas has been relatively sober this year, with all the tragedies we had, both personal and national. But this is just a day that comes and goes like any other day, and a good resolve is to welcome the New Year with good, not drunken, spirits.

Merry Christmas peoples of the earth!

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Dee said...

post a pic of your gift! :)