Friday, December 18, 2009

reel time over the holidays

I'm pretty bored so I came up with a list of things to download/buy/watch for the holidays..

in the absence of my weekly fixes of Glee, Vampire Diaries and ANTM, I've decided to go back to some series regulars that got me hooked in the whole concept of buying pirated DVDs (hihi)

1. Grey's Anatomy season 5 (24 episodes)

2. House, MD season 5 (24 episodes)

both of them have begun airing their respective season 6s, but maybe I would download s6 off isohunt if I have the time. It looks like i'll be scouring the DVD shops tomorrow then. good luck nalang sa akin!!!

some movies worth downloading would be....

hmm it looks like i'll be busy during the holidays. I hope i still have time to squeeze in studying and organizing my study table. but obviously right now it's like choosing between ice cream and dung beetles, so i'd rather have my fair share of ice cream. tell me what you think about my selections, or if you can recommend something i might like. :)


Dee said...

House season 5 is great. i'm warning you though, there are a couple of completely unexpected things that will happen.

The Proposal is so-so, Wanted and Julie & Julia are both awesome and gave me epiphanies that moved me to action. :)

Giselle said...

I kept up with Grey's Anatomy from Season 2 up to the present in a span of 3 weeks. Haha. Grabe define marathon. :))

You should watch up to season 6! ♥

One of my CI's said na Paranormal Activity is a waste of time. Pero I dunno. Haven't seen it pa naman. My other classmates say that it's dragging.

PS. You download stuff from isohunt too? :))