Saturday, December 05, 2009

I'm a Gleek

hey peoples! it's been a great Ateneo fiesta so far and lo and behold, I managed to channel my inner ascetic and controlled my appetite for burning meat dribbling with ketchup-y sauce! whooopee!

If you're still reading up to this point then let me be the one to tell you that i love sarcasm.

No. It wasn't the best fiesta (though my team did compete in the quizbowl and won Nursing a silver medal. oh joy)

No. I couldn't control my urge to stop wolfing down stick upon stick of charred fatty meat.

Yes. I'm not going to blog about that right now.

What I will blog about are the show I am currently following right now, because it keeps me sane for the better part of my 3rd year life...

glee Pictures, Images and Photos

Who doesn't love Glee??!! This is a show about the life of students from different cliques who share a common interest in singing and the Glee club. Varied and odd personalities make this show relatable, and the story has a lot of arcs, which make for a good show every time. Well, sometimes the plot can get a bit shallow, but when the wry humor hits the mark, it hits gold. The story is more mature and realistic than anything HSM can offer - from teenage pregnancy to discrimination. But the story is light and is mainly for really good entertainment.

There are characters who you can love and love to hate. I really like Rachelle the best, because she's the best singer of the bunch, and I like that her personality of a limelight-obsessed diva clashes with the fact that she's anything but "miss popular". I hate Will Schuster's (the Glee's mentor) wife, Whatshername, because, well, she's faking her pregnancy and pulling Will back!!!! **update: Will knows she's not pregnant!!! Yeeeess!

And the songs! I mean, there's a remake/revival that could tickle anyone's fancy and most of them are pretty amazing. It's an eclectic mix of old-school and contemporary tunes, and my favorites include: "Don't Stop Believing", "Take a Bow", "Defying Gravity", "Taking Chances" and "True Colors". Almost every song is available for download on Limewire.

Thanks to Isohunt I'm always tuned in to the latest episode (I'm already on ep12). Too bad there's the fall finale which means the show will resume next year.

**update: i hated episode 12's ending! it was so...sad. :(


Dee said...

hello fellow gLeek! :D
i'm excited for next week's episode. they do sectionals and everyone except finn and rach find out that finn is not the father of quinn's baby.

G said...

for real?? haha..i hope that ep13 will redeem ep12's "hopelessness". haha

Tara said...

are the videos from isohunt very clear?

G said...

yup tar..really good quality as long as you know where to look. usually look for the one that has many seeds and leeches plus the comments if they're good and all

Dee said...

the hopelessness has been redeemed! yay! after you've watched it, read my very detailed and photo-ful (im sure this isn't a word) blog about it. lol.

Giselle said...

FINALLY! Another Gleek! ♥