Sunday, December 20, 2009

convenience in a cup

Choco Filipino is a new drink product that my mom wanted to try, because apparently it's proudly Pinoy-made (like duh) and my mom's a sucker for "innovations" like these. Well, it's an innovation because you buy the styro cup with a lid and inside is a stirrer with the sachet of powder. It's pretty convenient, if I do say so myself - like the Lucky Me noodle bowls I really liked devouring on the barge en route to Dumaguete. So I was the one who tried the hot chocolate variant (my mom bought hot choco, coffee and coffee with chocolate). I was impressed at how this could be a traveler's companion since it's so convenient - from the styro cup to the serrated edges of the more scissors!!! Genius!!! (hahaha) All I needed was hot water and I'm good to go.

Now as to taste, well, I didn't really expect it to blow me away and it didn't. Jollibee makes a better cup. The cocoa powder wasn't rich enough that the drink is really that indulgent. Well, that's my taste and I'm sure tens of thousands of people want their hot chocolate watery and bland 0_0. But considering the product was well thought of, it's a good alternative to other variants who haven't really showed their guns yet. And I have a feeling it'll grow on me, but maybe them folks need to make their mix heavier next time.

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