Monday, November 08, 2010

Born to Move

Ok something really funny happened to me a few minutes ago

I joined National Geographic Asia's Great Migrations photo contest. It's basically a contest where a person whose photo has the most number of likes AND is liked by a panel of judges wins a Canon 550d! It's an opportunity I wouldn't want to pass up, so I joined right away.

I was really caught up with the frenzy of 'likes', I messaged and commented on photos of people I don't know just so they can link my photo that I kind of annoyed Facebook and it BLOCKED ME!!!!!! I'm so pissed right now and I can't believe I won't be able to leave comments on photos indefinitely! I can still post status messages and send private messages though so all is not lost. But still, damn facebook.

Anyway, this is my first entry under the category "Born to Move", entitled "Deep"

no matter how uncertain of my path, I will paddle through life's ocean, because I believe there's hope even in the depths

This hullabaloo over a photo made me neglect some things I NEEDED to do today:

1. clean my room, since I haven't cleaned it since the my final exams three weeks ago.

2. write a review on The Red Pyramid, and my thoughts on Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the 39 Clues for

3. sleep early for once! it's already 10:30 and I'm exhausted. Good thing my first class is at 9am, so I have time to rest, I hope. :)

So I'm hoping I'd get the chance to do these things tomorrow, since I need to get my life on track again. Yeah, I'm exaggerating again. This is me signing off!

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