Sunday, November 28, 2010

Easy tweeting

Tweeting is my best friend, though I'm still a wannabe active blogger. I always thought I had to use a smartphone, along the lines of a Samsung-ish, Android-ish, QWERTY-ish, Blackberry-ish, Touch-y type of phone to tweet and facebook effectively. It turns out Globe charges an exorbitant amount just so I can tweet from a smartphone, and I don't want to buy a smart phone right now.

There are just some of the times when I love my race (LOL)., a 3rd party twitter app for Filipinos, is godsend! After a supposedly easy registration process, I should be able to tweet from any phone (like from my Sony Ericsson phone whose model name I forgot right now).

So this is what happened to me:

1. The registration process seemed easy enough at first, and I followed the instructions to type "OREG mytwitter name and a random code" to a number (as in a Globe number/0905...). But lo and behold, I couldn't even send the damn thing. It always turns out "message sending failed".

2. So I went to the HELP section and saw that their instructions were a bit different. It apparently needed me to compose a message with my username and password and send it to a totally different number. I did it and I think it was sent properly, but when I tried to test tweet, nothing came out.

So with sheer luck on my side, I followed instruction 1.,, THEN sent it to number 2., and after a few seconds, I was mentioned and I can tweet from my phone already! No need for a smartphone and I'm stoked!!! So the Filipino's taste for the easy way out comes in handy after all!

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Dee said...

Pinoys are totally awesome. hehe. those are my favorite words after watching A Very Potter Musical which I think you should totally watch, being a Potter and musical fan.
anyway, congrats on this find but I also heard about ba yun? you can tweet via text din there daw?