Friday, April 23, 2010

The Jejemon

I had a feeling it was just a matter of time before I post this. So, there's a strange "phenomenon" happening in Pinoy social cyberspace right now: the emergence of the JEJEMON. Strangely enough, a twitter friend tweeted this topic just a few minutes after I received a message from my classmate, sharing the same "fascination". So on Facebook, I posted a question of where jejemons came from, and one of my friends said they came from jejeworld. O.....K.

Then, I knew this was something big when I logged onto my YM, and you know the dialogue box that pops up that shows news articles (and the like)? Yeah, Jejemon was on Yahoo Answers.

I know that "jejeje" is a different way of saying "hehehe" where obviously you replace the h with j. Here's what people on yahoo answers have to say about the sensation that is jejemon:


Bobs in English? Well, that's ironic.



Now this made me laugh.

Actually I share the same sentiments with the people here. I get annoyed when I read things like "Hellow powhz!!!" on people's profiles. Come on, human race, type like real people. It ain't cute, and I doubt that you're attracting positive vibes when the spelling and grammar nazis read what you have to type.

I have a feeling this all started with Friendster. I mean, it was the cradle of Filipino social networking. And maybe a lot of pretentious Pinoys started out with "weird text" that they thought would make them look cool...and it blossomed from there.

I don't think this is a fad though. The "EoWzz" are here to stay, but I know this won't spread like wild fire, simply because with the hundreds of thousands that use "jeje language", there are also the hundreds of thousands who know better.

Yeah, I believe Filipinos are smarter than that. So, good luck to all the Jejemons out there. Don't worry, you're not contagious.

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Dee said...

funny thing is, i only read the word jejemon from you. @.@ generation gap? omg i am so old!

i HATE jejemons. they're right up there with couples who have joint FB pages.