Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Madonna and ETC in one day

An hour ago, I was channel surfing when I came across a new channel, which featured a show oddly-enough, looked like a Project Runway rip-off. I mean, come on, one of the judges was Kelly Rowland. Wait, that's not my point. The point is, when I looked at the screen, I saw three letters I never knew I would see again: E T C. It was a pleasant shocker to have ETC back! But I don't think I'll enjoy watching Kelly Rowland act as somebody remotely close to a style mogul though. And I haven't seen Sam Oh, the somewhat Korean girl who used to host segments in between shows. I'm not sure if she's still with ETC though, which is a shame, since I liked her.

Anyway, I was also surprised that they aired new Glee episodes via satellite! So I watched episode 14 without even downloading it...which is great considering I'm devoting most of the space to Grey's anatomy episodes.

Glee's Madonna episode, was actually packed with drama and semi - pivotal moments!

Sue's obsession with Madonna reaches a boiling point when she orders Principal Figgins to play Madonna songs full-blast on the school's PA system. She also makes the Cheerios perform on stilts, which was cool yet bizarre. Will thinks Madonna is a good muse for the Gleeks so he asks them to do Madonna numbers.

I'm really not into Madonna so there wasn't a lot to appreciate though, but still, there was a lot of Madonna to go around.

1. Mercedes and Kurt, to make Sue feel better about not having Will's locks, make her the star of their Madonna - inspired video (the song's "Vogue")

2. Rachel wants to have sex with Jesse, but eventually chickens out. Santana also wants to have sex with Finn and they eventually do it, but Finn didn't feel any "spark" (like duh). Emma, because she wants to prove to everyone (including herself), that she's taking control of her life, also invites Will to do it, but in the end, doesn't happen. Then they sing "Like a Virgin".

3. Jesse quits (?!) Vocal Adrenaline (the club's rival group) to join their Glee club, and it causes every one to question his motives from the get-go (duh, who wouldn't?).

4. Because Mercedes and Kurt think that they haven't been given a lot of solos, they joined the Cheerios (Sue's cheer squad) AND performed "4 Minutes". They're still part of Glee though. Why doesn't Mike Chang and the other guy complain? They haven't opened their mouths to sing even five words (solo that is) the whole season!

5. The episode ends with their version of "Like a Prayer", which is obviously one of the few songs of Madonna that I know. And once again, it was GREAT! (right now I'm looking for a good youtube video to post, but there aren't any yet)

Wow, it felt like I was doing the fast recap at the beginning of every Glee ep. I better watch it next time. :)

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