Friday, April 02, 2010

top picks on AI

These are my favorite performances during R&B night on American Idol

Andrew Garcia - Forever

I actually thought I heard enough of Andrew and his silly song choices ("Give me shelter", "I heard it through the grapevine") and dismissed that he was just a one-hit wonder (circa Hollywood week's "Straight Up" ), but he proved me wrong with this one. His take on Chris Brown's song definitely won him more time on Idol but I'm not sure if he's going to last long though. Still, his performance was great!

Crystal Bowersox - Midnight train to Georgia

It's the first time she played the piano on AI, and I thought she did well (not great though). Her take was clean, honest and no-frills - like her. My only wish though is for her to take on more current songs that fir her well, like Pink. She's still amazing in her own retro way though. I'm rooting for her to win.

Michael Lynche - Ready for love

Who ever attempts to do an India Arie song must know that there's the risk of sounding plain and boring, with not much range in the melody. But Michael managed to make it tenderly yet still powerful, and I agree that it was a smart, tasteful decision because Mike sounded amazing. I never did like him and I'm not sure if I will but this performance per se was great.

Lee Dewyze - Treat her like a lady

I've always liked Lee but there are times that he tries to sound too Nickelback ala Chad Kroeger. Ever since the top12 started, the more he tries to sound like himself and relax on stage. The result is probably one of the best vocals I've heard this entire season. I hope he reaches the top, and knocks Siobhan out of the way.

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