Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Walk away

Dear Gio,

Not again. fuck it. not again. The last time I wrote to you, I said I hope I would write under better circumstances. Well, this is probably worse.

This time, you lost a friend. A real friend. And I know you're probably angry as hell right now because, if somebody were to say it to my face that I don't matter to them anymore, I would snap their neck and send them straight to kingdom come. Then I would break down and cry.

Which you did, pretty well I might add.

There's no point in consoling you right now, saying that everything's gonna be ok...because it won't. It won't be for a long time. Just walk away from the fight while you can still control your emotions, because there's going to be hell to pay when you snap. Even I'm afraid when you start to shake and your speech gets slurry. Walk away Gio, walk away while you still can.

Right now, just forget about your friend and let yourself heal. Lick your wounds and sleep. Walk away, sleep and heal. It's ok to be tired. I know you're tired of putting up with people with a one-track mind.

You're in pain, I know. You can't fight your battles when you're in a rutt. Retreat and reorganize. But most of all, let go of things for a while. Your attempts at repairing the frayed strands of the friendship is futile right now. It's ok.

Remember that you're a person too. You fall and you get hurt. Don't pretend that nothing's wrong but don't let negativity consume you. Walk away, please. For your own sake.

Yours truly,
The guy in the mirror

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